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The Vendor area is its own boutique style room. Set up with tables around the room for vendors and mingling tables in center,with a beautiful stage scene happening.This boutique is going to be a special place to showcase your art and goods!


Burlesque Boutique

Boutique Floorplan.jpg

L 1 - Maxine Pinx Both days

L 2 - Dafna Beauty Both days

S 1 - Traveling Showgirl Both Days

S 2 - Suzy K Supply both days

S 3 - Juno Hair Fri Sin City Kitty Whips Sat

S 4 - The Masked Marion Both Days

S 5 - Versatile Corsets Both Days

S 6 - Showgirl Garage Sale- Raquel Reed Both days

S 7 - Burlesque By ButterCup Both days

S 8 - Princess Madison Creations Sat
   Queen Qwan Fans  Fri


Message us below to claim your spot and to inquire PRICES




Rockabilly Barbie

Edie Eve

Room Manager Jeffrey

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Vendors Message us here to Apply:

Thanks for submitting!

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